Automation Consultant Profile

Automation Consultant Profile

Dean Alexander Pattinson

I was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia and moved to Denmark in 2005. Today I live a half hour north of Copenhagen in the small village of Ganløse.

I started my career in 1985 as an electrician in my family company and always had the intention of working within the field of electrical engineering since I was five years old.

My background within electrical engineering spans over more than 30 years, where I have worked in a variety of different industries that has given me a broad knowledge of application.

Specializing in the design and documentation of automation and electrical control systems with specialties in technical drawings/documentation, machine safety and explosion protection.

I have international industry experience in process, oil/gas, food and beverage, waste processing, manufacturing, renewable energy, mining, foundry and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Up to date knowledge of EU Directives, EN/IEC/ISO Standards
  • Specialist in LV Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls
  • Specialist in Electrical Drawings and Control Systems
  • Specialist in Explosive Atmosphere Engineering (ATEX)
  • Specification, Design, Purchase, Manufacture of Electrical Panels
  • Continuous Process Functional Descriptions (S88 Philosophy)
  • Machine Safety and Risk Assessments/Reduction (CE Marking)
  • Factory and Site Acceptance Testing

An innovative thinker with a passion for solving problems…

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